You can’t effectively boycott an entire state

This is a direct copy and paste from a Facebook post I made 7 September 

We live our lives anyway we want in any manner regardless of whoever, but deep inside we believe that given a common threat to us all we’ll come together as one and fight to save ourselves.

This should be plenty clear by now.

So why are you calling for everyone to do this or that against Texas? No. There’s not even enough people on your side against Texas who can do this. That’s fantasy, mostly rooted in the success of civil rights movements. Beating on Texas ain’t the same beast and 2021 isn’t the sixties or Women’s Suffrage.

The only successful boycotts have been against single entities like a city bus line or a retail establishment. Even that was before half of even your parents were born. You don’t seem to understand the differences in society back then compared to now. You’re even totally lost on logistics.

Texas is a very large state with multinational corporations and brands operating there, but aren’t necessarily from there. Neither do you get the concept of conglomerates with multiple divisions and operations. Hundreds of companies are the type that can’t be boycotted from a consumer standpoint because they don’t operate in that sector.

So who are you going to pick on? Multinational commerce might feel for you, but it won’t stop for you. Airports will remain fully functional. Oil pipelines will still be open and farms and ranches of all sizes will still be doing their thing, etc.

Despite the power of the internet, communication is dysfunctional in our nation. How? Why? Because it requires us to stop our personal agendas, let down our guard and deal with people who we have isolated ourselves from. Basically, we’ve stopped communicating with each other.

I get it. In your frustration and anger you want to jump to the first idea that sounds right. You want to follow a plan from a meme somebody shared. You want to take it to them. You want to pummel some heads, but the last thing you want to do is the first thing you ought to do.

Stop. Think. Look at your options. Consider what you want to happen and all the steps and activity it takes for it to come together.

Stop looking at mass demonstrations as motivation to think “we can do it.” Those were one time events with specific locations and time frames. Yeah. We can work those kind of things out, but that’s not what you’ve got here.

Something else very important to understand. These Republican politicians and oligarchs don’t care. They’re secure in their kingdoms and matrixes. They’re comfortably confident in the continuation of their empires. Mass protests won’t work.

So where does that leave us?

I didn’t put all this out here in an attempt to discourage or antagonize. I did so hoping that you might grasp what you’re up against. You need to understand. We’re living in different times and what worked in the past won’t work now.

Again. Where does that leave us?

Calm down. Sit down. Take inventory of what resources you have access to. Think about what you personally can actually do. Consider your personal talents and how you can use them. Study what you’re up against.

Take off those old ideas, open your minds and come up with an entirely new game plan that, more than likely, has never been tried before.

The first thing we need is unity. Then communication and cooperationa whole lot of it.

Think up a real doable plan. Don’t just go running down the street all angry with a stick in your hand.

You can do this. We can do this.

Citizens as Canon Fodder

What Governor Lee of TN and others like him (Republican Governors) are doing is lashing back at our Democratic President by stopping the money he sent out to help us citizens (regardless of our political affiliation). It’s nothing more than a political powerplay and this is how us citizens (including those who put him in office) are being treated. He’s not attempting to do a damn to help us.

They’re literally using their own state citizens as canon fodder. They’ve made us into hostages as they wage their war on a lawfully elected Democrat President. It’s the same as killing one’s children to keep the ex from having them – that’s an extreme example, but these are extreme times that we’re being hit with.

I’ve worked those jobs. I spent nearly 20 years in fast food service. I’ve cleaned offices at night, too. Not really any job I’m above. I don’t know your ages or health situations, but I know mine. Suffice to say I’m a senior citizen and my health isn’t like it was in my 20’s & 30’s when I worked two jobs for five years straight.

What people are failing to recognize (deliberately) is that not everyone’s situation is the same as theirs. What worked for one person is great. We’re all happy about it, but it’s folly to suggest because one person did something everyone else can do the same.

Some Republican governors have decided Americans make too much from expanded unemployment benefits

People can’t do a job that’s open for several reasons. For example, I don’t have a CDL license. You ought to see how many driver jobs I pass up each day. As it stands, I really can’t afford to pay for training to obtain one. Now, thanks to my governor I don’t have enough time to get training before I can’t make rent. Hundreds of citizens are facing the same unbalanced set of circumstances.

I’ve ridden the high wave of well-paying jobs (which died with the ’08 market crash) and I’ve served people their dinner in terrible and dangerous weather conditions. This man right here isn’t crying about it and neither is anyone else. What we are doing is stating real world situations that real people must deal with. Guess what. There is no one-size-fits-all silver bullet to fix the situation. The employment/unemployment story is a maze of complications that each one of us must navigate with our own risks.

I lost my job due to my old car giving out when I had to rely on it to get to work. From where I live a personal vehicle is the ONLY option to get to my job and back. My pay really wasn’t enough for me to easily get my car fixed, so I knew all along it was a matter of time. I was hoping the stimulus funds along with my tax return would be enough to purchase a new vehicle.

Good news. It worked. I was able to purchase a vehicle in much better condition. Only the timing was a month after I had lost my job.

I’ve reached out to my old employer, but they won’t even speak to me about returning – their reason is personal and petty. I wasn’t just another worker. I was the most senior (5 years on the job) and the best. Why am I out of work? Can Governor Lee provide an answer while he’s denying me money (that’s free for him) intended to help me stay afloat until I finally find another job that will take care of this old veteran’s needs?

Thank you for reading all this. I’m long winded, have lots to say and I appreciate you taking the time to listen.

Inform your higher standards

I’m going to try and point some things out about a few issues that I’m recently seeing people act a fool over. Basically, I’m seeing the same emotional sound bite logic that has the orange heads carrying on so stupid now being used by people on the left. This is not exactly a surprise, but it’s still disappointing. So let’s get to it.

Budgets for military use now were allocated and spent years prior To today

The issue of reference

People are running around passing memes and trying to make the comparison of the cost of military weapons (bombs) being used recently against money not currently being spent on economic relief from the pandemic. In some instances they’re using the military expenditures against financial help for the citizens of Texas who are reeling from the effects of the recent statewide disaster caused by a power grid unable to withstand pummeling from a rare extreme winter blizzard (mostly ice with some snow).

Why it’s wrong

This is an unwise mistaken comparison. The money to pay for those “bombs” that people are upset about was allocated and spent years ago. Those bombs came from arsenal stockpiled in armories holding them for months to years. Although, the money budgeted and spent on the military industrial complex is extremely disproportional when compared to actual need and the amount spent on other needs for government expenditures, it is money that’s already gone with no impact on current government expenditures at all. Therefore, while some may want to make some moral argument criticizing the costs of bombs vs immediate financial needs that argument is in vain. Those budgets just aren’t related. A person is foolish to make that argument.

There’s nothing wrong with being upset over the money spent towards the MIC as opposed to more life affirming matters. It’s just that in this case that is an argument based on such emotion and not on actual circumstances. It’s not evil or anything like that. It’s just the wrong one to use. We must be wiser than that so that we don’t fall into the same traps that have the orange heads imprisoned.

The minimum wage increase part of the relief package is too critical to our nation’s poor to leave out

Issue of reference

The minimum wage is extremely overdue for an increase. Raising it to $15 per hour would be a huge benefit for the economy while allowing millions of citizens to be lifted out of poverty by paying them livable wages. The Senate Parliamentarian is wrong to decide that it doesn’t pertain to the part of the law that will allow Congress to pass the package via budget reconciliation. People are asking the Senate to ignore this judgment because it’s not binding and only a recommendation.

Why it’s wrong

People are under the impression that with the passing of the minimum wage increase that people making minimum wage will state being paid $15 per hour. That’s a wrong assumption. The law makes the increase in incremental stages over the course of five years. If the law were to be enacted right now minimum wage earners would only see a pay increase of around $2 or less. That’s definitely better than nothing, but it’s hardly going to lift anyone out of poverty. That logic alone doesn’t mean it’s okay to skip for now. Taken in combination with how Congress makes and passes laws it is.

The Senate Parliamentarian’s judgement that the minimum wage increase isn’t completely a budgetary action has merit. One can make the case that an increase in wages has an impact on the budget in terms of increased tax revenue. Still, it’s not a very strong argument. That’s not my opinion. It’s the opinion of those who know more about making laws in Congress than I do. Because of this, I’m reframing from having an opinion on the matter.

The crux of the issue it in the question how much of an immediate impact does it make in regards to the current relief package being debated. I submit very little. I was earning $9 per hour ten years ago. Even back then I was struggling hard to make it. What will ten years worth of inflation add to the formula?

Still all is not lost. As I understand it (yes, I could be wrong) if this law doesn’t get in that package it isn’t the death knell of an increase in the minimum wage. The measure can still be put through in the very rare occurrence of a stand alone bill or attached to other bills. To wit if it doesn’t go in the relief package the government won’t really be passing on help for those living in poverty. So why the big push for now in this relief package. Politics. Plain political posturing and deal making to get bills passed. Can’t say I’m good with that. My point being is stop selling the public on the falsehood that it must be passed now as a measure included in the relief project.

Same old political bullshit, President Biden… and Congress. The people are in desperate need and require immediate relief. Enough with this political jousting. Let it go and allow the rest of the critically needed aid get to us citizens.

President biden is doing a poor job and deserving of the public’s anger and distrust

Issue of reference

People are angry because Biden hasn’t delivered on his promises. The honeymoon is over and he better step up. Memes are being circulated

Why it’s wrong

It really isn’t all that off. It’s just that a little over a month on the job is an extremely short time frame to be judging with anger and dissenting grievances. The man came into a huge huge mess to have to clean up as well as needing to rescue a country reeling from the effect the pandemic has had on the economy. It’s okay not to be happy or comforted, but it’s way too early to turn on him.

When the Democratic Primaries were going on last year and Biden was taking over with a nearly insurmountable lead quite early in the race I was dismayed and upset with a certain demographic of people who propelled him. I was not in favor of now President Biden back then. In fact I didn’t vote for him. I supported a more liberal candidate. It was easy to see that he was from the same old do nothing Democratic party that’s makes more inspiring speeches than getting things done – for various reasons. We needed a leader who would be somewhat more in attack mode. Someone like (my choice) Senator Elizabeth Warren or Senator Bernie Sanders. I don’t need to expound on how that all turned out.

In some areas and with certain issues I’m not pleased with the President’s performance just like those now heaving heavy, angry criticism at him. The biggest difference is I don’t think this is the time to give up on him and label him a poor or useless or bad president. No. I’m not ready to give up on him just yet. I probably never will because regardless of his performance our country needs a Democrat in the White House. Bailing on him makes the overall Democratic Party weaker and much more vulnerable to being replaced by the fascists Republicans who still support that crook that held the keys the last four years. My personal feelings must be put aside for the larger fight.

Let’s consider Congress’s role in this mess. President Biden’s big landing is supposed to be the getting the relief needed to the citizens in order to help us and the economy survive. As noted above that package is in Congress being picked at and fought over, but its not moving towards getting passed. The President really can’t do anything about it. At best he can strongly demand that they get it done, but that demand doesn’t carry much weight in regards to how laws are passed. They have to go through Congress where they’ll get picked apart and hammered and pasted together into something the President is happy to sign his name to. Thus making it the law.

The finger of blame is at Congress and not the president. He’s doing what he can and the Republican fascists are doing everything they can to break and bust down the Democratic led administration. He hasn’t even gotten all his cabinet team nominees confirmed yet.

Things aren’t moving fast enough for some people who are thinking more about themselves than the big picture. They’ve become impatient and angry… with the wrong person. Even so… five weeks? The orange regime basically blew everything up in his quest to turn us into an autocracy. There’s a LOT that needs fixing. Nobody is going to do it in five weeks.

Be upset if you want, but your energy is better spent helping to build this new fortress. The fascist are out there with their orange god eager to take back control. You might not like what the President is doing, but you definitely will hate what the fascists will do if they get back on top. Heaven help this nation.

Bottom line is President Biden is doing basically what many of us who didn’t aid in his primary nomination expected he would go. This is what we paid for. Better help it get the job done because right now he’s what we have. No amount of anger and stupid memes is going to change that.

Politics are like laundry

Politics and laundry have one thing in common. At some point you’re going to have to deal with it whether you want to or not.

Now a lot of people are happy to ignore politics and probably don’t feel as if they have a pile of it on their beds getting bigger by the week. That’s because politics don’t sit and wait for you to attend to them. Politics play dirty whereas laundry lays dirty.

Imagine if when you slept at night your unkept laundry snuck into your closet and clothes drawers waiting there for you to put them on, but after you did you couldn’t control yourself. The clothes that you were wearing would take over moving you around and making you do things you hadn’t planned on doing. Sometimes they wouldn’t do anything until right when you’re about to do something very important they forced you into messing it up. Well, that’s what unattended politics will do to you.

With politics you may think you’re getting away by ignoring them, but that’s really not what happens. How so? Because one of politics best duties is making decisions about how we must live our lives. All those procedures and methods of doing things within our society get decided in the mighty towers of politics.

Do you have a driver’s license? Who made it so you had to have one before you can drive an automobile (legally)? That decision was degreed through politics.

Politics even play a part in how clean the air you breathe is (or isn’t). Now, that’s a similarity with unattended laundry. A pile of dirty clothes will probably develop into a stinky pile of clothes with the quickness.

How well do you trust those clothes you’re wearing? 😉