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You can’t effectively boycott an entire state

This is a direct copy and paste from a Facebook post I made 7 September We live our lives anyway ...
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Citizens as Canon Fodder

What Governor Lee of TN and others like him (Republican Governors) are doing is lashing back at our Democratic President ...
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Karma While contemplating the fight for raising the minimum wage I noticed the juxtaposition of the problem employers are having ...
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Inform your higher standards

I'm going to try and point some things out about a few issues that I'm recently seeing people act a ...
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No lies told – Greg from bk

No lies told and his dismount is epic...— Rex Chapman?? (@RexChapman) November 10, 2020 Greg from bk - Tik ...
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People Get Ready

People get ready. That's the title of a song familiar to so many of us. I'm using this song title ...
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