The U.S. Is Under Assault

The United States is under assault. More clearly the democracy of the United States is under assault. As far as I'm concerned they're one in the same. I haven't any concern for debating the semantics. We're already out of time.

To a lot of people it's just politics. They're under the impression that the freedom that we hold in reverence will keep trotting along regardless of which political party holds the keys to the nation. To them it's all the same, but if we keep messing around they'll get their chance to find out how much different it can get.

I have no great deal of love and support for one political party, however; I give them credit for at least trying to have a society based on the principle idea of the founders. The other political party has rotted into the biggest threat to the country they claim to love - at least in terms of true democracy. Democracy is no longer in their playbook.

What is in their playbook is an effort to mold the United States of America into a country that no longer caters to the needs of those who fail to muster to the level of the top wealthiest 1% of the population. You've heard this before and consider that operation already in full course. I need only to look to other nations who have already fallen to this same goal to show just how much difference there really is.

The best word for it is authoritarianism. It's a nice word for dictatorship. The biggest difference is authoritarianism tries to hold up a façade of democracy. Beyond that it works the same and we ain't seen that kind of society on these shores just yet.

The conversation that I'm seeking is one to help you to see this threat already hanging as low storm clouds over the free autonomous nature of our society - as flawed as it may be. Along with that I pursue conversation of how we can fight back this hostile takeover from within or at least slow down its advances long enough for clearer minds to recognize the value we have in a country that is truly democratically run.

There's a lot to do. As I have mentioned earlier we are already out of time, so what we can accomplish now and in the near future is closer to an underground rebellion than it might be as soldiers fighting to maintain our freedom, as it were. I kid you not. We're already over our heads in deep water. We must find a way to keep this severely damaged ship from capsizing and going completely down or face a historically change in the United States society.

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