You can't effectively boycott an entire state

This is a direct copy and paste from a Facebook post I made 7 September 

We live our lives anyway we want in any manner regardless of whoever, but deep inside we believe that given a common threat to us all we’ll come together as one and fight to save ourselves.

This should be plenty clear by now.

So why are you calling for everyone to do this or that against Texas? No. There's not even enough people on your side against Texas who can do this. That’s fantasy, mostly rooted in the success of civil rights movements. Beating on Texas ain’t the same beast and 2021 isn’t the sixties or Women’s Suffrage.

The only successful boycotts have been against single entities like a city bus line or a retail establishment. Even that was before half of even your parents were born. You don’t seem to understand the differences in society back then compared to now. You’re even totally lost on logistics.

Texas is a very large state with multinational corporations and brands operating there, but aren't necessarily from there. Neither do you get the concept of conglomerates with multiple divisions and operations. Hundreds of companies are the type that can’t be boycotted from a consumer standpoint because they don’t operate in that sector.

So who are you going to pick on? Multinational commerce might feel for you, but it won’t stop for you. Airports will remain fully functional. Oil pipelines will still be open and farms and ranches of all sizes will still be doing their thing, etc.

Despite the power of the internet, communication is dysfunctional in our nation. How? Why? Because it requires us to stop our personal agendas, let down our guard and deal with people who we have isolated ourselves from. Basically, we’ve stopped communicating with each other.

I get it. In your frustration and anger you want to jump to the first idea that sounds right. You want to follow a plan from a meme somebody shared. You want to take it to them. You want to pummel some heads, but the last thing you want to do is the first thing you ought to do.

Stop. Think. Look at your options. Consider what you want to happen and all the steps and activity it takes for it to come together.

Stop looking at mass demonstrations as motivation to think “we can do it.” Those were one time events with specific locations and time frames. Yeah. We can work those kind of things out, but that’s not what you've got here.

Something else very important to understand. These Republican politicians and oligarchs don’t care. They’re secure in their kingdoms and matrixes. They’re comfortably confident in the continuation of their empires. Mass protests won’t work.

So where does that leave us?

I didn’t put all this out here in an attempt to discourage or antagonize. I did so hoping that you might grasp what you’re up against. You need to understand. We’re living in different times and what worked in the past won’t work now.

Again. Where does that leave us?

Calm down. Sit down. Take inventory of what resources you have access to. Think about what you personally can actually do. Consider your personal talents and how you can use them. Study what you’re up against.

Take off those old ideas, open your minds and come up with an entirely new game plan that, more than likely, has never been tried before.

The first thing we need is unity. Then communication and cooperation - a whole lot of it.

Think up a real doable plan. Don’t just go running down the street all angry with a stick in your hand.

You can do this. We can do this.

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