Citizens as Canon Fodder

What Governor Lee of TN and others like him (Republican Governors) are doing is lashing back at our Democratic President by stopping the money he sent out to help us citizens (regardless of our political affiliation). It's nothing more than a political powerplay and this is how us citizens (including those who put him in office) are being treated. He's not attempting to do a damn to help us.

They're literally using their own state citizens as canon fodder. They've made us into hostages as they wage their war on a lawfully elected Democrat President. It's the same as killing one's children to keep the ex from having them - that's an extreme example, but these are extreme times that we're being hit with.

I've worked those jobs. I spent nearly 20 years in fast food service. I've cleaned offices at night, too. Not really any job I'm above. I don't know your ages or health situations, but I know mine. Suffice to say I'm a senior citizen and my health isn't like it was in my 20's & 30's when I worked two jobs for five years straight.

What people are failing to recognize (deliberately) is that not everyone's situation is the same as theirs. What worked for one person is great. We're all happy about it, but it's folly to suggest because one person did something everyone else can do the same.

Some Republican governors have decided Americans make too much from expanded unemployment benefits

People can't do a job that's open for several reasons. For example, I don't have a CDL license. You ought to see how many driver jobs I pass up each day. As it stands, I really can't afford to pay for training to obtain one. Now, thanks to my governor I don't have enough time to get training before I can't make rent. Hundreds of citizens are facing the same unbalanced set of circumstances.

I've ridden the high wave of well-paying jobs (which died with the '08 market crash) and I've served people their dinner in terrible and dangerous weather conditions. This man right here isn't crying about it and neither is anyone else. What we are doing is stating real world situations that real people must deal with. Guess what. There is no one-size-fits-all silver bullet to fix the situation. The employment/unemployment story is a maze of complications that each one of us must navigate with our own risks.

I lost my job due to my old car giving out when I had to rely on it to get to work. From where I live a personal vehicle is the ONLY option to get to my job and back. My pay really wasn't enough for me to easily get my car fixed, so I knew all along it was a matter of time. I was hoping the stimulus funds along with my tax return would be enough to purchase a new vehicle.

Good news. It worked. I was able to purchase a vehicle in much better condition. Only the timing was a month after I had lost my job.

I've reached out to my old employer, but they won't even speak to me about returning - their reason is personal and petty. I wasn't just another worker. I was the most senior (5 years on the job) and the best. Why am I out of work? Can Governor Lee provide an answer while he's denying me money (that's free for him) intended to help me stay afloat until I finally find another job that will take care of this old veteran's needs?

Thank you for reading all this. I'm long winded, have lots to say and I appreciate you taking the time to listen.

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