Politics are like laundry

Politics and laundry have one thing in common. At some point you're going to have to deal with it whether you want to or not.

Now a lot of people are happy to ignore politics and probably don't feel as if they have a pile of it on their beds getting bigger by the week. That's because politics don't sit and wait for you to attend to them. Politics play dirty whereas laundry lays dirty.

Imagine if when you slept at night your unkept laundry snuck into your closet and clothes drawers waiting there for you to put them on, but after you did you couldn't control yourself. The clothes that you were wearing would take over moving you around and making you do things you hadn't planned on doing. Sometimes they wouldn't do anything until right when you're about to do something very important they forced you into messing it up. Well, that's what unattended politics will do to you.

With politics you may think you're getting away by ignoring them, but that's really not what happens. How so? Because one of politics best duties is making decisions about how we must live our lives. All those procedures and methods of doing things within our society get decided in the mighty towers of politics.

Do you have a driver's license? Who made it so you had to have one before you can drive an automobile (legally)? That decision was degreed through politics.

Politics even play a part in how clean the air you breathe is (or isn't). Now, that's a similarity with unattended laundry. A pile of dirty clothes will probably develop into a stinky pile of clothes with the quickness.

How well do you trust those clothes you're wearing? 😉

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